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{{answer_26151069}}, your ideal space is the Nook. 
Nooks are the perfect small, peaceful space away from the chaos of the city or your open office. Designed to support individual contemplation and creation, they're great for individual contemplation and creation such as writing, coding and analysis.


Get down to work in the Nook
{{answer_26151069}}, your productive space is the Study. 
If you like the room to spread out when you work alone, or meet with colleagues or clients the Study is for you. These locations are designed for one-on-one collaboration, one of the  most common forms of work.

Get into that Study groove
{{answer_26151069}}, get to work in the Hub.
Designed to support team collaboration, the Hub is ideal for mid-size groups. It's made for teams who need to co-create content, present work to each other through technology or hop on a call with a remote colleague. 

Bunker down in the Hub
{{answer_26151069}}, you got the Workshop. 
The Workshop is versatile, supporting the most fundamental collaborative team tasks. Workshops help teams brainstorm, plan, evaluate and present their work. The inclusion of the lounge allows for longer work sessions and a more creative work session.

Work it out in a Workshop
{{answer_26151069}}, your ideal space is in fact, two! You got the Suite.
The Suite offers two distinct spaces for breakout sessions and longer meetings that require breaks for recharging. They feel like a small workplace instead of just a meeting room.

Find a sweet Suite
{{answer_26151069}}, let your voice carry in the Agora.
An Agora is a single large open space that supports broad communication and learning. The spaces have room for a lot of guests are a great for town hall presentations, teaching sessions, off-sites and events. 

Host your Best. Presentation. Ever.
{{answer_26151069}}, bring your team to the Retreat.
Designed for team building, he Retreat is a multi-room space that's ideal to connect and collaborate in. These locations have unique features such as multi-level layouts, outdoor space and kitchens.

Find a Retreat Near Your